Peer Recovery

we believe in peer recovery &
Peer Empowerment.

Spring 2022 CPRS Cohort

Apply for a spot in our 9-week CPRS Program. Peers will receive core courses such as CCAR Recovery Coach Academy, CCAR Ethical Considerations for Recovery Coaching and Emotional CPR/eCPR Training. Peers will also receive at least 30 hours of supervision and vocational mentoring. Group discounts and non-profit rates available. Cohort to begin October April 2022. Participants will have access to online resources and asynchronous learning opportunities. Register before March 8, 2022 for the Early Bird Discount.

Certified Peer Recovery Specialist(S) (CPRS) Supervision

We have a team of qualified and passionated Registered Peer Supervisors. If you are looking for supervision and a learning cohort, please be in touch with us to schedule a 15-minute appointment with our Director of Public Engagement. We offer supervision for CPRS, i-FPRS, and CPRS-F. Learn more.

Recovery Coaching

Looking for some accountability in your recovery? Need a new partner for the journey? Interested in kick-starting your wellness journey? Not sure where to start? Don’t think this is for you?

We have a team with decades of experience in clinical counseling, nursing, recovery education, pastoral counseling, and… recovery coaching.

Feel free to schedule an intro session with one of our coaches to discuss your individual needs.

Please talk to us if you would like to engage an equitable exchange, collective economics, or would like to use your health insurance.

Custom workshops, facilitation, and covenant building groups rooted in emergent strategy

Ready to take your learning to the next level? Reach out to us to discuss custom workshops and trainings, facilitation, and collaborations with your crew!

Connecting with our Peer Network Daily on Zoom

“I actually use the things I learn with project: liberation in my life. I felt really seen and affirmed in ways I’ve never felt. I love project: liberation.

DE from Baltimore City