Guided Focusing

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Guided Focusing: Substance use,complex trauma, and healing

Summer 2021
Hybrid Learning

16 CEUs

Guided Focusing can be taken as the next step after successful completion of eCPR or with the permission of the faculty, Marki Webber. Please contact Marki via email to discuss the most appropriate cohort for your learning.

Focusing is a mind-body awareness method that enables you to find greater ease and clarity by connecting more deeply to your own inner truths.  This increased awareness sparks a natural process that ends in greater freedom from outdated and constricting patterns.  It is a natural skill we are born knowing and continue to learn as infants but the world soon teaches us to forget. With an experienced guide, you can easily re-learn how to listen to your own inner wisdom. This awareness can then help to inform everything you do. 

Guided Focusing sessions will help you learn  to create a safe internal space to explore whatever most needs your attention. Some examples include- important decisions, creative blocks or other stuck places as well as unnamed but nagging issues that just seem to keep returning.  These issues are treated as messengers with important information that can lead you to greater wholeness and natural awareness and freedom.

What You’ll Learn:

– Focusing as personal and peer practice
– Somatic center and holistic healing
– Addressing trauma and substance use through attunement and “felt sense”

I’m a natural light photographer specializing in portraits of non-models. I aim for my work to be uniquely beautiful without trying too hard. My passion is to explore my creativity while documenting significant moments in my clients’ lives.

I’m based in New York and currently work at GTX Studio. I also shoot a lot of portraiture as well as assignments for agencies.

Summer 2021

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“Marki is a sensitive healer who goes the extra mile for those with whom she works. She’s clear and organized, as well as highly intuitive. Marki has synthesized decades of study of the human condition, and brings this to each session. I’ve been particularly blown away by the depth of her perceptiveness. If you’re interested in unraveling inner knots, I highly recommend working with Marki Webber.”- RH