Defend Yourself – Online Immersive Expereince


An introduction to self-defense & Self-Advocacy

Summer 2021
6 – 18 CEUs
MABPCB Approved
Educational Provider

Defend Yourself has decades of experience working with people of all ages, all genders, and all walks of life. We have, for example, held classes and workshops at hundreds of DC-area schools, workplaces, community groups, and more.

All Defend Yourself presentations cover:

  • Awareness and prevention. By learning how attacks occur, and where their risks really lie, people can better recognize when they are being targeted for assault or abuse. Using prevention strategies at home, at work, at school, in social situations, and on the street, they can reduce their likelihood of being targeted.
  • Verbal skills for stopping an attack or abuse before it becomes physical. Verbal skills are the strongest line of defense against someone who crosses your personal boundaries. Defend Yourself teaches boundary-setting, assertiveness, de-escalation, and active bystander skills as the foundation of self-defense.
  • Physical self-defense techniques. Participants learn simple, effective strikes to use when other strategies are not an option.

Everyone can participate—no matter how out of shape you are, or what physical limitations you have, you can do things to protect yourself. All of our classes are tailored to the life situations and needs of the participants.

All Defend Yourself programs are interactive: We involve participants in brainstorming, role-playing, and exercises. Our approach is empowering and upbeat: We don’t focus on how scary it is that violence happens, but rather on options we all have and ways we can take care of ourselves.

Defend Yourself instructors are trauma-informed. We know that there are survivors in every classroom, and we explicitly work against victim-blaming. We also create as safe a learning environment as possible.

Levels of Engagement

– Introductory. 2 hour synchronous learning + 2 hours supervision. 6 CEUs. $40.
– Intermediate. 4 hours synchronous learning + 2 hours supervision. 10 CEUs. $80
– Advanced. 12 hours synchronous learning + 3 hours supervision. 18 CEUs. $200

Lauren Taylor
Defend Yourself & Safe Bars

Lauren (she/they) has been studying and teaching empowerment self-defense since 1985. She’s taught about 30,000 people of all ages, genders, and walks of life. She specializes in classes for women, for people with disabilities, for LGBTQ+/nonbinary people, and for survivors of abuse and assault.

Lauren also writes extensively on interpersonal violence.

For more information, visit Lauren at Defend Yourself & Safe Bars.

Summer 2021


6 – 18 CEUs

Defend Yoursef in Action!

Check out this quick video and tip from founder, Lauren Taylor

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