Rev. Christin

Rev. Christin C. Green, M.Div., RPS.

Rev. Christin is an ordained Unitarian Universalist minister, Recovery Chaplain, and Registered Peer Supervisor (RPS 0423) in the State of Maryland. After receiving her BA from Missouri State University and MA from The George Washington University, she worked at various non-profits in the DC area before entering seminary. She is 2019 graduate of Wesley Theological Seminary in Washington, DC, and was ordained as a minister in fellowship with the Unitarian Universalist Association in 2020. Her ministry has served congregations, health care institutions, retirement communities, recovery and wellness organizations, and emergent social justice spaces. In addition to her ministerial gifts, Rev. Christin is a musician and poet.

Testimonials about Rev. Christin

“The calmness and stillness of her voice is absolutely beautiful.”

“Such an amazing facilitator and she’s absolutely perfect at what she does. I truly believe that she has a way with people and is able to help just about anyone connect. I felt a connection to her almost immediately. My only “growth” would be for her to facilitate more training sessions or offer additional follow ups to this training.”

“Christin is amazing. She provided all the information clearly and provided spaces of silence, allowing for folks to absorb and digest.”

“liquid grace to witness and soothe”

“The most common and soothing spirit I ever have come in contact with.”

“So loved Christin’s modeling of being heart-centred. I felt it right away. In coming from this place, I immediately felt safe.”

“I like how Rev. Christin was able to feel and understand everyone. Her voice is very calming to a ragging storm.”

“Christin’s gentle way of communicating and kindness contributed to creating a supportive brave space from the very beginning of the training.”

Marki Webber

Mark Webber, M.Ed., RN

Decades of experience and training as an RN and educator has enabled Marki to bear witness to life’s most poignant and moving transitions. From assisting women giving birth and welcoming babies into the world to offering care to patients and families as a Hospice RN her work has truly spanned the full range of life’s experiences.   Her work in  education helping writers find their voice and students overcome learning differences has allowed her to further expand her perspective on life’s rich variety and depth. 

Testimonials from project: liberation trainings

“I really appreciate Marki’s way of reflecting back what she feels and her ability to articulate it so clearly and precisely. Also her patience and calmness.”

“So peaceful and knowledgeable, validating, welcoming and was a great role model”

“Love the different perspectives, insight, experience, and grounding exercises that Marki brought from her multifaceted background”

Rev. L.A. McCrae, D.Min. CSC-AD, CPRS, RCP, RPS


Dr. L.A., the revlatte

is a clinician, certified peer, recovery chaplain, and community-based research activist who grounds their work in this project of liberation. Dr. LA. focuses their work on issues related to mass incarceration & abolition, trauma, addiction, and mental health. L.A. is Doctorate of Public Health student at Morgan State University. Currently, they are collaborating with colleagues to merge the work of pastoral care & addictions counseling to develop a new generation of “recovery chaplains.” Dr. L.A. continues to advance work in harm reduction, abolition, and the “Three Ps:” public health, public theology, and public engagement. Each day, L.A. is encouraged and inspired by the words of adrienne maree brown: “I am not afraid of what I came here to do.” Asé.

Testimonials from project: liberation trainings

“Dr. L.A. is a calming presence and very welcoming. I’ve truly enjoyed my time with them and loved this course!”

“Dr. L.A. is phenomenal at what he does. I am so grateful I was able to participate in this training, my only “growth” for him as well would be to facilitate additional trainings and be a main facilitator for one of those. Such a kind person, and so easy to connect to… Absolutely amazing facilitator.”

“Dr. LA is like a Budha. He brings an atmosphere of calm and peace to the space.”

“strong presence to hold us in community”

“Very confident and made the participants feel confident with the skills being taught. Brought out bravery in many people that expressed in the beginning that they were nervous.”

“Had to be a hell of a follower cuz he makes one of the best leaders.”

“Really appreciate how L.A. facilitated the whole meeting. His energy and positiveness and upbeatness.”

“Attentive, great listener, non-judgmental even when we knew in real play where our weakness were he never called them out he allowed us to figure it out on our own which makes it comforting to know its ok to make mistakes”

“Really appreciated the clear explanations of core concepts & appreciated L.A. taking the time to connect with participants in little ways throughout”

Kate Hanson

Kate Hanson, Apprentice

Kate Hanson is a mother of two who firmly believes that giving back to those grappling w/trauma and addiction is her purpose in life. Recently she has entered into the behavioral health field while pursing her CPRS here in MD and is providing assistance at a local outpatient treatment facility as well as w/Project: Liberation. She has worked w/the public for years, both in hospitality and for various nonprofits. Kate has also played in integral part in the development and structuring of her family’s nonprofit whose future goals include aiding folks in finding their God given purpose. Kate also strongly believes in the power of new life and the ability to rebuild to those suffering from addiction, life after incarceration, victims of domestic violence, mental health challenges and is a strong advocate for social & criminal justice reform. She has a lifelong passion for art, dance and music. Eventually she hopes to develop an art ministry that looks to utilize art, sound healing and spoken word as a means of healing through past traumas.

Testimonial from trainings:

“Kate is awesome! She was very helpful from the start!”

“Kate was so open and understanding and is perfect for these types of trainings. She has a way about her that you feel as though you can instantly relate to her and therefore connect to her. She’s so bubbly and cheerful, she made me feel lighter when she spoke and I hope she will be included as a main facilitator in future trainings.”

Eryn Ainsley

Eryn Ainsley, Apprentice & Intern

Eryn began her community engagement in 2012 as a co-founder of a nonprofit for homeless and at-risk youth in Maryland. She then served as an AmeriCorps Public Ally to connect homeless and at-risk youth to health care, housing, higher education, and employment. 

Eryn has since dedicated about 10 years to advocating for peer recovery wellness, and for the full inclusion of the TLGBQ community. She believes wholeheartedly in the power of community care and self-directed care to heal and realign.